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8 July 2008


Latest issue of Semiconductor Today now available

For coverage of all the key business and technology developments in compound semiconductors and advanced silicon materials and devices over the last month, see the new issue of Semiconductor Today magazine.

Published today and free of charge, Semiconductor Today’s latest issue covers all that is new in gallium arsenide (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP), nitrides, silicon carbide (SiC), silicon germanium (SiGe) and other semiconductor materials. The magazine also covers the devices and applications that these materials enable.

Feature articles include:

Flash fast forward to quantum dot memory

Plus, there’s the news from organisations such as: Aixtron, American Elements, Anadigics, Avago, AXT, Bridgelux, CIP, Cree, CrystalQ, Delphi, Finisar, First Nano, Genesis, IBM, IMEC, Infinera, JPSA, Kopin, LayTec, Lumileds, Mitsubishi Electric, MMIC Solutions, Nitride Solutions, Optium, Osram, Plextek, Qualcomm, QPC, Recapture Metals, RFMD, SAFC Hitech, Sanyo, SDK, SemiSouthSeoul Semiconductor, Silian Instruments, Skyworks, Sony, Tegal, TriQuint, Ubilux, Veeco, Voltaix, VPEC, and many more.

See recruitment section for latest jobs.

See company profiles from Aixtron, AXT, EV Group, Goodfellow, Logitech, LPE, Oxford Instruments, and Veeco.

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