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27 November 2008


3S scales up production of 980nm uncooled Mini-DIL pump modules

Telecom laser chip and module maker 3S Photonics of Nozay, France says that, to support growing demand, it has increased production capacity for its terrestrial Mini-DIL 980nm uncooled pump laser modules (the new 1999 PLU Series, which is designed for single-channel fiber amplifiers deployed in high-speed optical telecom networks, and has already been qualified by many customers worldwide).

Uncooled operation (without any thermoelectric cooler) drastically reduces both the overall power consumption and power dissipation, says the firm. The pump laser module uses a very compact Mini-DIL package (with a footprint of 7mm x 13mm, and a maximum height of 5.1mm), enabling a small form-factor. It can also operate over what is claimed to be the widest temperature range currently available on the market (with Tcase from –5C° to +75°C).

3S says that Mini-DIL pump lasers allow a significant reduction in size and power consumption when designing highly reliable erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) for metropolitan applications, and can be used in conjunction with high-power cooled pump laser modules.

The 1999 PLU provides what is claimed to be a best-in-class operating power of up to 250mW at +75°C. 3S says that the performance over such a wide temperature range comes from the use of its proprietary chip, introduced more than a year ago and already in mass production. The firm also claims that the module's design provides good power stability coupled to a very wide dynamic range.

VP of marketing & product management Yannick Bailly says that the 1999 PLU Series leverages 3S’ expertise in designing submarine uncooled pump modules, providing the terrestrial market with a cost-effective product with what is describes as an unparalleled level of performance and reliability.

The 980nm uncooled Mini-DIL pump module features a very low FIT (failures-in-time) rate, ensuring a high level of reliability (fully qualified in accordance to Telcordia GR-468-CORE specifications). The wavelength is locked using an external fiber Bragg grating (FBG) located in a polarization-maintaining fiber (PMF) pigtail.

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