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24 October 2008


Honda Soltec selling CIGS PV cells for public and industrial use

After being founded in December 2006 at Honda Motor Co Ltd’s Kumamoto Factory and selling its copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar cells for home use in Japan since October 2007, solar cell subsidiary Honda Soltec Co Ltd has begun expanding its customer base by selling solar cells capable of the high-capacity electrical generation required by public and industrial facilities.

Honda Soltec says that it is expanding its product line in response to rising demand for not only private use but also public and industrial use due to the increasing awareness of environmental issues. With staffing of about 150 at full production, Honda Soltec’s annual CIGS PV module capacity is about 27.5MW (equivalent to 3kW systems for about 9000 homes).

Honda iSoltec’s HEM115PA and HEM125PA CIGS PV modules for home use have maximum power outputs of 115W and 125W per module, respectively (for solar radiation of 1kW/m2 at 25ºC and an air mass of 1.5). Likewise, the 115W and 125W HEM115PSA and HEM125PSA for public and industrial applications also measure 141.7cm x 79.1cm x 3.7cm and weigh 14.3kg. However, the nominal open-circuit voltages are 92.7V and 93.3V, respectively, for the new modules, compared to 278V and 280V for the home-use modules.

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