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29 October 2008


US court rules in favor of Seoul Semiconductor against Nichia

Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd says that the US Court for the Central District of California has rendered a judgment denying all the claims of Japanese LED maker Nichia Corp and Nichia America Corp in a lawsuit that Nichia filed against Seoul Semiconductor in December 2007 under the Lanham Act and California state law.

The lawsuit started over statements to the media by Seoul Semiconductor regarding earlier design patent litigation between Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia. Seoul Semiconductor filed a motion for a summary judgment (a legal determination of the case without a full trial) against Nichia's claims.

After considering both parties’ arguments and evidence, the US court has now found there was no evidence that Seoul Semiconductor's actions caused any injuries to Nichia, and entered final judgment in favor of Seoul Semiconductor. The content of the judgment is as follows:

  • Nichia shall recover nothing from Seoul Semiconductor;
  • Seoul Semiconductor shall have judgment in their favor on all of Nichia's claims; and
  • Seoul Semiconductor shall recover from Nichia their costs for the lawsuit.

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