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22 September 2008


Bookham demos increased density and flexibility of tunable pluggable module

At this week's 34th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC 2008) in Brussels, Belgium, optical component, module and subsystem maker Bookham Inc of San Jose, CA, USA is giving a live demonstration of its TL8000 tunable pluggable module, showing its capability in chromatically dispersed links and high-noise environments as well as highlighting the increased density and deployment flexibility benefits of the firm’s tunable pluggable technology.

The demonstration follows July's announcement that Bookham had begun supply the TL8000 to telecom network equipment maker Ciena Corp of Linthicum, MD, USA.

The TL8000 to be demonstrated features the first use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) chips in a Bookham product, and delivers high optical output power (+4dBm). The module is being operated in conjunction with Bookham’s TL9000 small-form-factor tunable transponder, which has been shipping in volume to tier 1 customers for almost 12 months. 

Bookham says that the demonstration illustrates the spectral and RF properties of the tunable transmitter, enabled by its DS-DBR (digital supermode distributed Bragg reflector) tunable laser and indium phosphide Mach-Zehnder (InP MZ) modulator. The receiver performance is showcased by real-time bit error rate measurements in varying dispersion and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) environments, with up to 800ps/nm of dispersion and 15dB OSNR being configured. 

“The live demonstration highlights high-end optical interface capability equal to 300-pin transponder products, in a front faceplate pluggable, full-band tunable module,” says Adam Price, director of Product Management. “This is a high-end product designed into a pluggable format that increases faceplate density and flexibility, and enables customers building both long-haul and metro networks to immediately take advantage of the cost-reduction benefits of wideband-tunable pluggable technology,” he adds.

Price says that Bookham is building on its proven tunable laser, Mach-Zehnder modulator and APD receiver technologies to deliver long-reach modules that meet customer demand in a variety of formats, including the TL5000 iTLA source, the TL7000 tunable transmitter assembly, TL9000 small-form-factor transponder, and the TL8000 and TL8500 front faceplate pluggable transceivers. “This vertically integrated approach is allowing us to serve all the major network equipment manufacturers, and play a key role in helping them drive down costs and improve performance,” he claims.

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