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12 September 2008


Monocrystal launches 8” c-plane sapphire wafers for LEDs

Sapphire substrate maker Monocrystal of Stavropol, Russia has started production of ultra-large 8” c-plane epi-ready sapphire wafers for LED manufacturing.

Over the past few years the solid-state LED market has been transitioning from conventionally used 2” wafers to more economically efficient larger-diameter 3” and 4” wafers. “The introduction of our 8” wafers reflects growing demand in the global market for larger-diameter products,” VP sales & marketing Oleg Kachalov.

The firm says that it was able to rapidly ramp up production of the new-generation sapphire wafers by leveraging its technology for growing large sapphire crystals – it has routinely produced large sapphire crystals exceeding 65kg since late 2005.

Monocrystal says that another key factor is its proprietary wafer fabrication technology, developed earlier in spring for producing 8” r-plane sapphire wafers for RFICs. The firm has already shipped 8” wafers to LED and RFIC manufacturers.

Availability of the 8” c-plane wafers for LED, coupled with Monocrystal’s capacity (enabling high-volume production of sapphire crystals and wafers of ultra-large diameter) provides opportunities to benefit from increased performance and lower production costs for both conventional and high-brightness LEDs. “It is expected that this will lead to a significant price reduction for LEDs,” Kachalov says. “Our 8” wafers could be a trigger for mass demand and large-scale adoption of solid-state general lighting,” he adds.

“Being first to market with our ultra-large 8” wafers for LEDs is a clear indication of Monocrystal’s growing brand exposure and recognition, its expanding market and technology leadership,” reckons Vladimir Polyakov, chairman of Monocrystal’s board and president of parent firm Energomera Corp. “Monocrystal exports 90% of its production, and is a key supplier for LED and RFIC markets,” he adds.

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