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10 February 2009


Orders ramp for Veeco’s cluster tools after winning five MBE system orders in Q4

Veeco Instruments Inc of Plainview, NY, USA says that during fourth-quarter 2008 its Veeco MBE operation in St Paul, MN received five molecular beam epitaxy system orders, extending across its complete systems product line and spanning global customers in the US, Asia and Europe. Also, over the past 12 months Veeco has seen an increase in orders for its multiple growth module cluster tool systems, as well as a record order rate in the fourth quarter and a third consecutive year of market share growth.

The systems that have been ordered are planned for a wide range of research and development efforts. Customers’ applications of MBE technology include emerging material research, LEDs and next-generation devices for the optical and solar markets.

With the increase in next-generation applications that require incompatible material processing, Veeco says that it has seen a ramp in orders due to the innovative architecture of its cluster tool systems, which can support multiple independent growth modules for reliable, efficient automated growth. The GEN10 for R&D is the most recent introduction to Veeco's cluster tool product line, based on nine years of cumulative knowledge within various production environments.

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