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28 January 2009


Intense to develop laser diode array modules for real-time label printing

Intense Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, a provider of single- and multi-mode monolithic laser array products and high-power laser diodes, says that it is developing a fully integrated module incorporating a high-performance laser diode array for use by Sinclair Systems International LLC of Fresno, CA, USA in its automatic fruit labeling systems.

The laser print-head uses Intense’s DLAM technology, which incorporates individually addressable lasers in an uninterrupted constant-pitch ‘super-array’, enabling the construction of very wide laser arrays from smaller monolithic arrays. Widths of more than 2 inches are possible, where each channel is capable of delivering powers of several hundred milliwatts. In combination with advanced optics, this will allow Sinclair labeling products to print text and bar-code information on to fruit labels in a single pass at high speeds.

“This product demonstrates the unique ability of Intense to provide integrated high-power OEM solutions based on our individually addressable laser array QWI [quantum well intermixing] technology,” says Berthold Schmidt, Intense’s VP of product & market Development.

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