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28 January 2009


Intense launches enhanced 793nm mini fiber package laser

At this week’s Photonics West 2009 show in San Jose, CA, USA, Intense Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, a provider of single- and multi-mode monolithic laser array products and high-power laser diodes, is unveiling an enhanced version of its Series 8000 793-MFP high-power and fiber-coupled diodes (launched last year).

The Series 8000 793-MFP delivers up to 4W of stable continuous-wave (CW) output power from a 100µm-core 0.22NA fiber at wavelengths in the region of 793nm (with lower-NA fibers available on request). The devices are integrated in Intense's standard mini fiber package (MFP), providing a robust and cost-efficient solution for a range of applications.

The lasers are also available in a free-space configuration on C-mount with a FAC-lens and on isolating sub-mounts. The devices use the firm's patented epitaxial growth and wafer processing technologies, including asymmetric waveguides, increasing the product brightness and reliability.

The targeted wavelength, combined with a narrow beam divergence, suits application to next-generation eye-safe thulium-doped fiber pump lasers (which are used in defense and aerospace applications such as LIDAR and direct infrared countermeasures), where enhanced power and beam quality are essential, says Kevin Laughlin, VP global sales & business development. Laughlin adds that the new power level meets the growing demand that Intense is seeing for pumps, particularly for eye-safe thulium-doped fiber-laser systems, as well as replacements for existing solid-state technology (DPSS) in medical and industrial applications. In addition to the eye-safe solutions, thulium fiber lasers provide unique processing benefits for medical and industrial applications compared to DPSS and ytterbium (Yb) fiber sources.

The high power, reliability and compact design also deliver an alternative pump technology to expensive, fiber-coupled laser bar packages, Laughlin says.

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