29 April 2010


Taiwanese LED maker orders JVS’ recently introduced QC3 diffractometer

X-ray metrology tool maker Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd (JVS) of Migdal Ha'emek, Israel says it has received multiple orders for its new QC3 diffractometer system from leading LED manufacturers, including Jiangsu Canyang Optoelectronics Ltd (CanYang), based in Asia.

"The purchase of the QC3 system by a market leader such as CanYang is a testament to Jordan Valley's successful acquisition of Bede in 2008 and leveraging of its technology," said Isaac Mazor, CEO of JVS. "We vastly improved the speed and effectiveness of this metrology tool, while reducing its price, in order to offer an unparalleled cost/performance solution to the rapidly-expanding HB-LED manufacturing market."

JVS adds that CanYang based its selection of the QC3 on its policy of employing only the most advanced quality control systems in its LED production process. According to JVS, its QC3 solution provides the fastest throughput and highest level of precision and automation, in the most cost-efficient system offered today.

QC3 is designed and optimized to provide best cost/performance quality control systems for high-brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing, says JVS. It has been configured to provide symmetric and asymmetric measurements for all common semiconductor wafers, such as GaAs, InP, Si, GaN (thick buffers).

QC3 includes fast reciprocal space mapping in less than 1 minute and 300mm wafer stage with custom wafer-size settings for multiple wafers, as well as full robot automation systems offered for comprehensive factory automation. Its hardware is based on JVS' 300mm fully-automated tool range.

Recently introduced to the market, QC3 is now available in volume orders, with a delivery schedule of 90 days ARO. QC3 is manufactured by Jordan Valley Semiconductors UK Ltd, which was formed from the acquisition of Bede Scientific Instruments Ltd.

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