13 April 2010


Plasma-Therm introduces Mask Etcher MLS

Plasma-Therm LLC of St. Petersburg, FL, USA, a global supplier of plasma process equipment, has introduced its Mask Etcher MLS (Manual Load System), the latest product in the firm’s Mask Etcher series.

Mask Etcher MLS allows photomask manufacturers to smoothly transition from wet etch capabilities to a more advanced dry etch performance, says Plasma-Therm. The MLS allows for etch of 250 to 180nm technology nodes. Furthermore, the concept, design and implementation of the MLS also allows for the system to be upgraded all the way down to the 90nm technology node.

“The MLS will support wet etch technology users in the photomask industry as they transition to dry etch technologies,” stated Ed Ostan, executive vice president of sales & marketing. “We want to be a key business partner for our customers and offer simple and cost effective opportunities to expand as their needs and technological requirements grow.”

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