23 April 2010


HB-LED lighting market to exceed $3.2bn by 2013

High-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) have penetrated a variety of niche lighting applications and are beginning to be used in several white-light applications that could be considered part of the general illumination market, according to the new report ‘The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting: Application Analysis and Forecast — 2010’ by Strategies Unlimited on the demand side of HB-LEDs for lighting-specific applications.

The report addresses the market for LEDs used in illumination applications, i.e. in which light from an LED is used to illuminate an object or surface, rather than being viewed directly to provide information (e.g. LED signs) or a signal.

In 2007, the market for HB-LEDs in lighting applications amounted to $340m (just 5% of the total HB-LED market). The largest application was architectural lighting, where the ability of LEDs to provide multiple colors and color-changing effects was a major driver, says Strategies Unlimited. Indeed, in spite of its small share of the overall HB-LED market, lighting was one of the fastest-growing segments during 2007–2009, and is forecast to grow to more than $3.2bn by 2013.

The report includes a five-year market forecast for ten product applications, and is broken out by material (InGaAlP red-orange-yellow, InGaN blue/green, InGaN white) and package type (low, medium and high power).

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