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2 March 2017

Seoul Semiconductor introduces reference modules for WICOP LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor Europe of Munich, Germany, a subsidiary of South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd, has announced the availability of reference modules based on its package-free WICOP LEDs.

“Offering module solutions, based on our highly innovative technologies, will allow our customers to evaluate the technology and its benefits easily, enabling them to realize their solutions faster than by just using LED components,” says Andreas Weisl, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor Europe and VP sales. “Resources at our customers are often limited, so they need powerful, reliable and easy-to-handle solutions to meet their requirements. As a solution provider, we help them to be ahead of competition and to achieve a fast time-to-market, also by creating customized modules in our Munich-based lab,” he adds.

This first release includes reference modules for the WICOP Y19, Y22 and Y22P LEDs. The Y19 module consists of four clusters of 2x2 LEDs with a combined typical flux of 4650 lumens, while the Y22 and Y22P modules achieve 1268 lumens with four single LEDs each. They all feature a color rendering index (CRI) of 70 and a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4000K.

Picture: Seoul Semiconductor’s new reference modules based on its package-free WICOP LEDs.

All modules announced are tailored to common customer needs and follow the outlines given in book 15 of the Zhaga specification, which defines the location and pitch of the LEDs and the position and size of the alignment holes for optical lenses. The boards feature standard power connectors and are easy to assemble and easy to use together with commercially available lenses, like the new Wilma lens-array from LEDiL.

With luminous efficiency of up to 210lm/W at a drive current of 350mA, WICOP LEDs are suitable as light sources for applications such as wall washes or floodlights in the architectural space and lighting in warehouses or production sites in the industrial arena. Outdoor they can be used for street lighting, in tunnels or for the illumination of stadiums, harbors, airports or railway stations, as well as for security applications.

Their compact footprint makes the LEDs several times smaller and much brighter than conventional LEDs, enabling cost savings at the system level, the firm claims. This is achieved through the chip design, with the phosphor film attached directly to the chip surface, rendering obsolete the previously required packaging with frames and gold wires. WICOP LEDs are hence also suitable for applications where a small form factor is needed.

Production quantities of the three new reference modules can be provided on request. If needed, they can also be customized by Seoul Semiconductor’s regional labs for specific requirements.

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