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5 July 2007


Seoul’s new flash LED to replace xenon lamps in digital cameras

Korea’s Seoul Semiconductor has launched the FCW211Z series of super-bright and ultra-mini flash LEDs as a replacement for xenon lamps (in general use as a flash light source for digital cameras or 5 megapixel camera phones). The new LEDs are being applied to the flashes of a global digital camera manufacturer, the firm claims.

The FCW211Z can operate at a high current of 2A, and emits with a luminous intensity of up to 100 candelas (indicating a brightness more than twice that of conventional LEDs for flash). The light energy (light power times flash exposure time) of 26.49 lux-secs is comparable to that of a high-capacity xenon lamp, the firm claims, and is expected to exceed the level of xenon in the near future.

The flash LED’s small size supports the miniaturization of devices, suiting ultra-small products such as mobile phones, digital cameras and video cameras. The width, length and height of 3.5mm x 3.0mm x 0.75mm, respectively, compare with 10.1mm x 4.6mm x 3.5mm for a xenon lamp for a mobile phone.

The FCW211Z series enables the display of moving images and continuous shooting without the need for charging; conventional xenon lamps are not available for those functions, the firm claims. Also, the series offers a lifespan more than twice as long as a conventional xenon lamp.

Up to now, the performance of conventional LEDs has not been the best for flash due to poor brightness despite their availability in moving image, ultra-mini size, and long lifespan, says Byung Hack Lee, head of the chip and module business division. However, the FCW211Z series now enables both the advantages of LEDs and superior image quality with brightness that is comparable to a xenon lamp.

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