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21 November 2007


Nichia to ship engineering samples of first 1W cw pure-blue laser

Japan’s Nichia Corp says that, in March, it will start to ship engineering samples of what it claims is the world’s first 1W multimode pure-blue GaN-based laser diode operating in continuous-wave mode at room temperature. Operating at a wavelength of 445nm, the laser will be made available as a blue light source for application in displays.

Nichia says that the new laser takes advantage of its experience in 405nm GaN-based laser diode for next-generation optical disk systems, but is based on extensive R&D of longer-wavelength (440-460nm) devices for full-color display

The device’s power conversion efficiency (i.e. wall-plug efficiency, or WPE) when operated at 1W is above 20%. The estimated half-lifetime exceeds 30,000 hours. Nichia says that the highly reliable laser therefore provides key features such as high power, high efficiency and long life, suiting use as a blue light source in displays. The new laser therefore should enable the realization of a full-color laser display, the firm reckons.

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