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20 November 2007


Nichia achieves 420mW pulsed operation of violet laser

Japan’s Nichia Corp has developed a violet laser diode operating at an out put power of 420mW in pulsed mode, with an estimated lifetime exceeding 10,000 hours and stable operation for 1000 hours at a case temperature of 80°C.

The performance is sufficient for next-generation DVD recorders with a double-layer disc operating at more than 12x record speed, or a quad-layer disc at more than 2x record speed.

Nichia has already been mass producing lasers with pulsed-mode output powers of 130mW since April and 180mW since June. The firm said in May that it planned to mass produce a 250mW model (for 8x speed recording) in January and a 320mW model (for 10x speed recording) in first-half 2008.

Nichia adds that it is aiming to expand its production capacity as well as improve product quality in order to meet demand for the next-generation DVD market.

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