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22 June 2007


Blue-laser-based optical disk drives to take 20–30% of ODD sales in 2010

This year, blue-laser Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD will account for just 5% of the global sales volume of all kinds of DVD optical disk drives (ODDs), including players and recorders, but this will rise to 20-30% in 2010, according to Masayuki Kozuka of Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) in an interview with DigiTimes web-site. Kozuka is general manager of Matsushita’s Storage Device Business Strategy Office, which was established to analyse developments and market trends in the light of demand for BD and HD DVD ODDs.

Also, the shipment volume of desktop and notebook PCs equipped with BD and/or HD DVD burners/drives will reach an 35m units in 2010 (17.5% of the projected 200m units for all PCs), Kozuka adds.

“For DVD standards, the demand began with stand-alone DVD players and then extended to PC-use drives and burners. Today sales volume for the latter is estimated to be five times that for the former. The trend of development for blue-laser disc drives/players is expected to be the same or similar,” Kozuka adds.

*Standard DVD burners will remain the dominant volume product of the optical/removable storage market until 2011, due to commodity prices and almost universal compatibility, according to market research firm IDC’s new study ‘Worldwide Blue Laser DVD, DVD, CD, and Other Optical/Removable Storage Drive 2007–2011 Forecast and Analysis’. However, blue-laser-based Blu-ray and HD DVD format drives are ramping up. Marketing activities of both the HD DVD and BD camps are accelerating, and more companies are joining either one of the two or both format groups.

“Similar to DVD and DVD burners, blue laser DVD will need a 3–5 year ramp to reach mass-market volume,” says Wolfgang Schlichting, research director for Removable Storage.

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