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21 November 2007


Osram to launch 2A Diamond Dragon single-chip LED

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany says that in January it will launch what it claims is the brightest single-chip SMT LED: the white super-bright Diamond Dragon, based on a single 2mm^² chip manufactured in ThinGaN technology with chip-level coating.

The new LED has a brightness of 250 lumens at a typical (binning) operating current in continuous operation of 1.4A (2A maximum). It will be available in white correlated color temperatures (CCTs) of 2700-6500K as well as in all monochromatic colors.

The package incorporates a silicone lens that can be handled using standard SMT processes without any change of process. The very low specific thermal resistance (Rth) of 2.5K/W allows heat produced in the chip to be removed efficiently. A maximum junction temperature of 175°C makes the LED extremely robust (with a typical expected lifetime of 50,000 hours) and enables application where it cannot be cooled easily.

The new product will enable use in applications where heat and thermal management issues were once barriers to adoption of such technology, says Ellen Sizemore, director of LED/IR marketing at Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The combination of low thermal resistance and high junction temperature capability allows the LED to be easily integrated, for example in small spotlights such as MR-16 bulb retrofits and recessed downlight ceiling luminaires, where they can even replace small halogen lamps, the firm claims.

Rated for 5–8W input power, the Diamond Dragon forms a bridge between Osram Opto’s established 1-3W Golden and Platinum Dragon LEDs and its 10W Ostar LEDs. The Diamond Dragon footprint is compatible with previous devices, allowing integration into existing designs without modification and therefore upgradability for existing Golden and Platinum Dragon users. The new LEDs will suit both indoor and outdoor general lighting applications as well as for the automotive sector in daytime running lights or rear fog lights, says Osram.

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