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20 September 2007


Pirelli begins volume shipments of ITLA to Huawei

Pirelli Broadband Solutions of Milan, Italy has begun volume shipments of its ITLA (integrable tunable laser assembly) optical solutions to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

“After the agreement with Huawei announced last year, we have completed the integration phase of the Pirelli ITLA module,” says CEO Mauro Sacchetto. “Now we are beginning to deliver volume shipments of our technology to one of the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturers.”

The ITLA enhances equipment vendors’ product offerings by providing the option to integrate tunability into next-generation optical networks, Pirelli says.

Designed for DWDM optical network systems, the ITLA is a compact module with built-in control electronics and Pirelli’s dynamically tunable laser, which achieves tunability without any moving parts and is Telcordia GR-468-CORE qualified. Based on multi-source agreement (MSA) standards, the ITLA can be easily integrated into an MSA 300-pin board or a line-card. The ITLA is now also available for L-band applications.

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