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12 March 2008


QPC ships initial units for laser TV contract

QPC Lasers Inc of Los Angeles suburb Sylmar, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-power lasers for the consumer electronics, industrial, defense and medical markets, has delivered initial semiconductor lasers in connection with its laser TV contract (announced at the end of November), fulfilling the first $1m of the $12m development phase. The contract provides for an exclusive supply relationship that carries a potential value of up to $230m over 10 years.

“Through QPC’s innovative high-brightness chip-based technology, we are enabling a new generation of laser TV with our compact, low-cost and high-efficiency lasers,” claims co-founder and CEO Dr Jeffrey Ungar. “We believe our proprietary BrightLase technology will provide us with unprecedented advantages in the multi-billion dollar high-growth consumer electronics sector, including miniature mobile projectors for mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops, along with displays for automobiles and cockpits,” he adds.

“We recognized $1m of initial milestone revenues in the fourth quarter of 2007, and continue to expect deliveries under the $11m purchase order over the next three years,” says co-founder and CFO George Lintz. “We believe that QPC can become a leader in providing lasers for a new generation of consumer electronics displays, and we are committed to capitalizing on these opportunities as well as continued growth in all our key markets.”

Previously (last September), QPC announced the demonstration of a green laser for display applications, based on frequency doubling of its proprietary BrightLase single-mode laser (which produces single-frequency output powers exceeding 9W continuous wave and peak conversion efficiencies greater than 50%).

*QPC is showcasing its next-generation products and technologies at the SPIE Defense & Security conference in Orlando, FL next week (18-20 March).

QPC will exhibit several Ultra laser configurations, including a 120W eye-safe wavelength model and a 425W near-infrared model suitable for defense applications.

The firm will also exhibit its BrightLase high-power single-mode eye-safe wavelength lasers and demonstrate its visible laser technology, which can be customized for next-generation laser heads-up displays, dazzlers, or flight simulators.

QPC already has active contracts through US Department of Defense sponsored programs with:

  • US Navy (low-cost engines for directed energy weapons);
  • DARPA ADHEL (high-power single-mode lasers for direct diode high-energy laser weapons);
  • Army (eye-safe wavelength lasers with internal gratings for engines for directed energy weapons);
  • Missile Defense Agency (infrared counter-measures, biochemical agent detection and battlefield communications).

Also, on 17 March, QPC will also present an invited technical paper ‘High brightness semiconductor lasers from 780-1800nm’.

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