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28 January 2008


QPC debuts Ultra-500 and demos visible lasers for displays

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA, which manufactures high-power lasers for the defense, homeland security, industrial, and medical markets, showcased its next-generation products at the Photonics West 2008 exhibition and the collocated Biomedical Optics (BiOS) exhibition in San Jose, CA, USA last week.

The firm formally introduced its new Ultra-500, which was launched in December and has since won multiple orders and shipped initial units. The laser features up to 425W of output power and optional BrightLock on-chip wavelength stabilization. Standard wavelengths range from 792 to 1532nm. Fiber core sizes are available from 100µm to 800µm.

QPC also exhibited several existing Ultra laser configurations, including a 120W eye-safe wavelength model for medical and defense applications and a 425W near-infrared model for fiber amplifier pumping and direct industrial applications, as well as its BrightLase single-mode lasers. In addition, the firm demonstrated its visible laser technology, which is being customized for next-generation laser displays for the consumer electronics market.

At Photonics West's associated LASE 2008 conference, QPC also presented:

  • a technical paper ‘Advances in high-brightness semiconductor lasers’ describing world-record power and brightness from its BrightLase high-power eye-safe-wavelength lasers;
  • world-record power from BrightLase single-mode lasers at near-infrared wavelengths which have been directly frequency doubled to produce visible laser light for consumer electronics display applications;
  • world-record results from BrightLock on-chip internal grating technology that achieve high-power operation with high spectral brightness and stability at wavelengths from the near-infrared to the eye-safe regime.

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