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30 November 2016

Latest issue of Semiconductor Today now available

For coverage of all the key business and technology developments in compound semiconductors and advanced silicon materials and devices over the last month, subscribe to Semiconductor Today magazine.

Published today and free of charge, Semiconductor Today’s latest issue covers all that is new in gallium arsenide (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP), nitrides, silicon carbide (SiC), silicon germanium (SiGe) and other compound semiconductor materials. The magazine also covers the devices and applications that these materials enable.

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Articles in this issue include:

  • Three-prong attack to improve quaternary solar cell MBE
  • Korea's Institute for Basic Science develops thinnest photodetector
  • Indium phosphide on silicon template for optoelectronics
  • Extending interband cascade VCSEL wavelengths to 3.4μm
  • China: the future of world trade and the semiconductor industry
  • Seeking source of green gap in InGaN light-emitting diodes
  • Photo-electro-chemical lift-off of free-standing gallium nitride
  • Low-resistance tunnel junction boosts InGaN nanowire LED
  • Integrating gallium nitride LED with silicon drive transistor
  • SiC technology preferred over traditional silicon technology

Plus, there's the news from organisations such as: Aixtron, Alta Devices, Anokiwave, Arima Optoelectronics, AXT, BluGlass, Cambridge Nanotherm, Cardiff University, Corial, Cree, Disco Corp, EPC, EpiWorks, Evatec, Everlight, First Solar, Fraunhofer ISE, GaN Systems, Grand Chip, Guerrilla RF, Infineon, IQE, Keysight Technologies, LayTec, MACOM, Mentor Graphics, Monocrystal, NeoPhotonics, Nichia, OIPT, Osram, Philips Photonics, Oclaro, Panasonic, Plessey, Qorvo, Riber, Rohm, Rubicon, Spectrolab, SPTS, Skyworks, Solar Frontier, Transphorm, United Silicon Carbide, Veeco, Wolfspeed, and much more.

See company profiles from Aixtron, EV Group, Goodfellow, k-Space, LayTec, Oxford Instruments, and Veeco.

If your company is a supplier of equipment, materials, or services for the manufacture of compound semiconductor wafers and devices, and you are involved in marketing those products, then please see Semiconductor Today's 2016 Media Kit.

At Semiconductor Today we believe that quality is everything, and we pride ourselves on our high standards. For this reason, unlike some publications serving the compound semiconductor industry, we do not:

  • Publish unedited material.
  • Publish material that is not relevant to the compound semiconductor industry.
  • Publish news without crediting the source.
  • Publish a brief introduction to a news item on our website and then offer nothing more than a link to an external site for the full news.
  • Publish material on our website that is months out of date.
  • Backdate news on our website.
  • Provide magazine content that is not professionally laid-out or placed in useful sections.
  • Target our audience with hundreds of unwanted email each year, or sell/rent our email lists to third parties.

What we do is offer high-quality, timely, and relevant editorial material, making Semiconductor Today the clear first choice for readers and advertisers alike.

Semiconductor Today is freely available to all. To learn more and to subscribe, visit: Subscribe for free.


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