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6 July 2007


Avago launches power PLCC-4 SMT LEDs for automotive and ESS applications

Avago Technologies has launched the HSMx-A46x series of high-brightness (HB) AlInGaP-based red, amber, and orange power PLCC-4 surface mount technology (SMT) LEDs for use in interior and exterior automotive and electronic signs and signals (ESS) applications. 

As an extension of the standard flat-top PLCC-4 SMT LEDs, the top-mounted lensed HSMx-A46x provide a narrow 50-degree viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern for applications requiring focused radiation and high brightness. Also, the package design, coupled with careful selection of component materials, provides reliable performance over a wide temperature range, the firm claims. 

The LEDs’ single-chip packages have been developed to tolerate the harsh conditions in automotive and indoor/outdoor sign applications, and to produce higher light output compared to PLCC-2 SMT LEDs. The new LEDs are suited to use in instrument panel backlighting, dome lighting, turn signals and center height mounted stoplights (CHMSL) in automobiles, as well as interior/exterior variable message signs, and can also be used for push button and signal lighting in industrial applications.

In addition to its high-brightness, long life and compact size, the HSMx-A46x series can easily be soldered using conventional surface mount techniques to minimize production costs, and the package is qualified to a JEDEC moisture sensitive level (MSL) rating of 2A.

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