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27 June 2007


Cree pumps-up the volume with 100-lumen XLamp LEDs

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced the commercial availability of XLamp LEDs with minimum luminous flux of 100 lumens at 350 mA, and claims that these are the first LEDs available in volume to offer such a level of performance.

According to the company, over the past 17 months the performance of its XLamp LEDs has improved by 100%. Compared with the previous generation of XLamp LEDs, the latest product can deliver either 25% greater brightness with improved efficacy, or up to 55% greater brightness at the same efficacy. Furthermore, the new LEDs retain the same footprint as the earlier version, which allows them to be used as replacements without the need for design changes.

"Cree is to be congratulated on surpassing the 100-lumen level in its commercial white LED products," said Robert Steele, director of the optoelectronics practice at market research firm Strategies Unlimited. "The availability of such high-performance devices should certainly accelerate the conversion of the lighting market to solid-state sources."

“This is an announcement of volume availability, not an R&D result or availability of a few parts,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree's VP and general manager for lighting LEDs. “These LEDs can enable lighting manufactures to create fixtures using fewer LEDs than before, thereby lowering initial product cost and reducing energy consumption.”

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