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14 June 2007


Nitronex launches its first 48V GaN-on-Si RF power transistors

Nitronex of Durham, NC, USA, which manufactures RF power transistors based on GaN-on-silicon for the commercial wireless infrastructure, broadband and military markets, has launched the first products using its high-voltage 48V GaN-on-Si platform for high-power broadband operation (announced in January).

Based on its SIGANTIC process, its NPT25190 and NPT25240 are designed as high-power output stage devices (190W and 240W, respectively) operating at 2.3-2.7GHz for WiMAX and 3G/3G LTE ( long-term evolution) waveforms. Initial samples should be available in Q3/2007 and production quantities in Q4/2007.

Nitronex has previously launched 28V GaN-on-Si RF power transistors operating at 2.3-2.7GHz with output powers of 15W and 100W and operating at 3.3-3.8GHz with output powers of 15W and 50W.

“We have tried to take into account the requirements being driven by the emerging standards in WiMAX and cellular,” said Kevin Linthicum, CTO and VP Engineering. “The 802.16e [mobile WiMAX] and LTE systems want to pack more power into ever smaller footprints while increasing channel bandwidth and peak to average ratio (PAR),” he adds.

Typical performance is rated using a mobile WiMAX waveform defined as a single-carrier orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ( OFDM) signal 64-QAM 3/4, 8-burst, 7MHz channel bandwidth, and 10.3dB PAR @ 0.01% probability on CCDF ( complementary cumulative distribution function) . Under these test conditions, the NPT25190 will deliver 15dB of gain (typical), 22% efficiency, and less than 2.5% error vector magnitude (EVM) – all at a power of >24W at elevated flange temperatures (>95C), as required by next-generation systems.

Nitronex says that it will also develop devices optimized for 1.8-2.2GHz operation as part of the 48V product line.

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