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21 March 2007


Tekcore ramps-up for blue laser market with Aixtron’s AIX 2400G3 HT IC MOCVD system

Tekcore Co Ltd placed a purchase order for an Aixtron AIX 2400G3 HT IC MOCVD tool (11x2 inch sandwich configuration) in Q4/2006. The system will be used to produce gallium nitride (GaN) epiwafers for blue laser applications.

Founded in 2000, Tekcore provides epiwafers for a range of applications, such as lighting, displays, backlights and automotive. Its products include HB-LED chips with wavelengths ranging from UV to green (370-530 nm), and large area LEDs. The company is based in Nantou, Taiwan.

Nithi Nithipalan, Tekcore’s president, said: "Choosing the AIX 2400G3 MOCVD tool was a straightforward decision, following our long term experience with Aixtron systems”. Tekcore already has multiple Aixtron Planetary Reactor and Thomas Swan Close Coupled Showerhead MOCVD systems.

Nithipalan continued: “Now we are preparing to deliver the latest generation of laser diodes so we need the best available control of material uniformity, thickness, doping, and composition”.

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