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20 November 2007


Arima boosts AlGaInP UHB-LED production with order for the first of Aixtron’s new AIX 2800G4-R systems

Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany has received the first order for its new AIX 2800G4-R MOCVD reactor, designed for high-volume production of AlGaInP based devices. The order comes from Arima Optoelectronics Corporation (AOC) of Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Founded in September 1998, AOC mass produces UHB-LEDs and lasers in dice and epitaxial wafer form, using MOCVD technology. Aixtron says that AOC will qualify the new system for high-volume production of AlGaInP based red/orange/yellow UHB-LEDs.

Equipped with an automated wafer handler, the 60x2 inch or 15x4 inch capacity AIX 2800G4-R is designed to maximise throughput and uptime, says Aixtron.

Arima’s president, Dr P.J. Wang, said: “We are looking very much forward to receiving this new machine for the production of our UHB LEDs. Its new features will provide us with large production capacity at a high number of runs per day and the implemented design innovations will optimize the uptime for AlGaInP, a very demanding material system in MOCVD. Arima staff will therefore once again work closely with Aixtron engineers to rapidly qualify the system in high volume mass production.”

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