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24 August 2020

Scientech to distribute Trymax’s resist ashing and UV products in Taiwan

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV of Nijmegen, The Netherlands (which provides plasma-based solutions for photoresist removal, surface cleaning, isotropic etch and UV curing/charge erase) has entered into an agreement that gives Taipei-based Scientech Corp the right to distribute, in Taiwan, all of its NEO ashing and etching products as well as its latest UV curing and charge erase products.

The agreement should help Scientech to expand its business in high-speed communication, 3D sensing including time-of-flight (ToF), high-frequency power devices and related device markets. Scientech has extensive experience in introducing equipment from around the world and will provide technical and field support for Trymax products after system delivery.

“A partnership with Scientech is a critical component for our expansion strategy in Taiwan” says Trymax’s executive VP Ludo Vandenberk. “By combining forces with Scientech, we are able to better serve the front-end, MEMS and back-end manufacturers with solutions that span the ashing, descum and light etch process steps as well as the UV curing and charge erase applications,” he adds.

“With Trymax’s expertise and cost-effective solution, we are very grateful to cooperate with Trymax to support the customers in the semiconductor field, which is not only to enhance our coverage of front-end production but also to strengthen our customers’ competition in the arena,” says Peter Kuo, VP representative Div. II at Scientech.

Trymax’s NEO products for ashing, etching and descum are applicable for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm substrates. The firm’s bridge tools are fully flexible for processing multiple different substrates types, such as silicon, gallium arsenide (GaAs), silicon carbide (SiC), LiN, LiT, eWLB (embedded wafer-level ball-grid array) and Taiko wafers, from R&D to high-volume production. All Trymax platforms are configured with a fully digital onboard communication system with up to five different process chamber technologies selectable.

Trymax’s UV curing and charge erase equipment is used for applications including photo-stabilization of the resist prior to implantation or etch, for small critical dimensions (CDs), or to erase charge built-up during the IC manufacturing process. Designed to take advantage of the reliable NEO platforms developed for plasma ashing, descum and etching applications, the NEO 2000UV implements robotics, components, and the latest digital technologies and software, and is CE-compliant. NEO 2000UV can accommodate cassettes or SMIFs (standard mechanical interfaces).

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