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17 December 2020

GaN Systems launches IMS3 platform for use with GaN E-HEMTs

GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) has launched its next-generation Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS3) platform for use with its GaN enhancement-mode high-electron-mobility transistors (E-HEMTs) in high-power, high-efficiency automotive, data-center and industrial applications.

The IMS3 platform features significantly improved heat transfer, which results in lower thermal temperatures and higher power density, making it a suitable reference for implementing smaller and lower-cost systems at the same power level or alternatively increasing output power by 30% in the same size, says the firm.

The platform consists of the IMS3 motherboard and a half-bridge power board, which is available in two power levels up to 3kW (GS-EVB-IMS3-66508B-RN) and up to 6kW (GS-EVB-HB-66516T-RN). The half-bridges are applied on a high-thermal-conductivity, ultralow-thermal-resistance IMS circuit board to achieve improved heat transfer. By applying high thermal conductivity, the IMS3 shows a 29% Rth_Case-to-heatsink thermal improvement. The boards can be used with the new GS-EVB-HBDB-IMS optimized Half-Bridge isolated driver board and are also compatible with the GSP665HPMB-EVBIMS2 High Power Full-Bridge driver board.

“Our latest IMS evaluation platform featuring very high heat transfer, in combination with our GaNPX packaging technology and flexible design approaches, enables power system engineers to easily take full advantage of GaN and its benefits in providing more power while reducing system cost,” says Peter Di Maso, director, product line management.

The GS-EVB-IMS3-66508B-RN, GS-EVB-HB-66516T-RN and GS-EVB-HBDB-IMS are available for purchase through GaN Systems’ distributors.

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