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1 December 2020

k-Space’s BandiT used in qubit manufacturing

k-Space Associates Inc of Dexter, MI, USA – which makes in-situ, ex-situ and in-line thin-film metrology instrumentation for both research and manufacturing of microelectronic, optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices – has seen its kSA BandiT tools installed recently for multiple applications related to the research and development of quantum computing.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has helped put Australia on the map for their work in quantum computing. One of their researchers, professor Michelle Simmons, was honored as the 2018 Australian of the year, in part for her pioneering research in the field of quantum computing. UNSW recently installed two kSA BandiT systems in their research labs to help Simmons and her colleagues in their research.

k-Space also recently installed a kSA BandiT temperature measurement instrument on an Angstrom Engineering Quantum Series Josephson junction fabrication platform. Josephson junctions are used in qubit manufacturing (an important part of quantum computing).

With the ability for in-situ Si temperature measurement at 250°C and below, the kSA BandiT is a suitable in-situ tool for quantum computing applications, says k-Space.

“With the patented technology that the kSA BandiT offers, there really is no alternative that has the same capabilities for the type of growths required in qubit manufacturing,” reckons CEO Darryl Barlett.

In addition to the kSA BandiT installations, k-Space has recently engineered a customized kSA 400 analytical RHEED (reflection high-energy electron diffraction) system for a quantum computing application in the USA.

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