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8 December 2020

Lumentum makes first 100G PAM4 DMLs available for sampling

Lumentum Holdings Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which designs and makes photonics products for optical networks and lasers for industrial and consumer markets) has added to its datacom laser chip portfolio with the 100G PAM4 (53Gbaud) directly modulated laser (DML) for hyperscale data-center applications. Complementing Lumentum’s existing 100G PAM4 externally modulated laser (EML) products, the new directly modulated laser offers transceiver designers a lower-cost alternative.

In response to the rapid growth of intra-data-center traffic and the resulting need for higher speed, capacity and reliability, Lumentum has begun sampling its 100G PAM4 DMLs to customers seeking a cost-effective approach for 400G DR4 and future 800G PSM8 transceiver module applications.

“This latest advancement helps to significantly reduce the cost of 400G DR4 modules in data-center infrastructures,” says Walter Jankovic, senior VP & general manager, Datacom. “The 100G PAM4 DML goes beyond servicing the current need for cost-effective and innovative indium phosphide (InP) laser solutions at mass volume by enabling future intra-data-center interconnects as the industry moves to 800G.”

The newly developed 100G PAM4 DML joins Lumentum’s portfolio of laser chips that enable a wide-range of MSA-compliant transceiver modules operating at multiple data rates and wavelengths. Manufactured with Lumentum’s internal wafer production capabilities, the 100G PAM4 DML leverages InP technology, using a sophisticated cavity design to operate with the same high-bandwidth performance of an EML in 100G and 400G applications but in a small, simple and cost-effective footprint. The latest DML can lower the cost of 400G DR4 compared with existing laser alternatives, says the firm. Additionally, 800G PSM8 modules can benefit from the capabilities of the new 100G PAM4 DML, which is important as data centers transition to these modules in future top-of-rack and leaf layer applications, adds Lumentum.

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