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14 December 2020

ROHM and UAES open joint lab in Shanghai

Power semiconductor maker ROHM Semiconductor of Kyoto, Japan, together with Chinese tier-1 automotive manufacturer United Automotive Electronic Systems Co Ltd (UAES), held an opening ceremony announcing the establishment of a joint laboratory for silicon carbide (SiC) technology at UAES’ headquarters in Shanghai, China.

SiC power devices are increasingly being adopted in electric vehicles (EVs), infrastructure, environment/energy, and industrial equipment, since SiC-based products provide many advantages compared to silicon-based devices, such as significantly reduced loss during both switching and conduction, as well as supporting higher-temperature operation.

Since 2015, UAES and ROHM have been collaborating via detailed technical exchange on automotive applications utilizing SiC power devices. Recently, automotive products incorporating ROHM SiC power devices were released earlier this year.

The new joint laboratory contains key equipment required for device and application evaluation in automotive applications such as on-board chargers (OBCs) and DC/DC converters. The firms reckon that this will allow them to strengthen their partnership and accelerate the development of SiC-based power solutions.

UAES’ deputy general manager Guo Xiaolu (right) and ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co Ltd’s chairman Raita Fujimura (left) exchange gifts at the opening ceremony.

Picture: UAES’ deputy general manager Guo Xiaolu (right) and ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co Ltd’s chairman Raita Fujimura (left) exchange gifts at the opening ceremony.

“With ROHM, which has been introducing SiC power devices since 2015, we have strengthened our collaboration, including top management. And, after many years of technical exchanges, we are pleased to announce the successful development and mass production of SiC-equipped automotive applications this year,” says UAES’ deputy general manager Guo Xiaolu. “The establishment of this joint laboratory is a testament to the deepening relationship between our two companies, and we can look forward to further technical support through this new comprehensive facility,” he adds.

As a supplier of SiC power devices, ROHM has a “proven track record of providing power solutions that combine peripheral components such as driver ICs,” says Dr Kazuhide Ino, chief scientific officer & senior director of ROHM Co Ltd’s Power Device business. “In the rapidly expanding automotive sector, as research tailored to customer needs and market trends becomes an important factor, we will continue to strengthen our partnership through this joint research lab and contribute to technical innovation in the automotive sector with power solutions centered on SiC.”

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