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8 December 2020

Source Photonics launches 100G ZR4 QSFP28 transceiver

Source Photonics Inc of West Hills, CA, USA (which provides optical connectivity products for data centers, metro and access networks) has launched its 100G ZR4 QSFP28 transceiver for 80km high-speed data-center interconnects and routing applications. Leveraging the widely deployed 4 x 25G NRZ optics, 100G ZR4 QSFP28 is the latest addition to the firm’s 100G product lines among its 100/200/400G portfolio of single-mode transceivers for data-center and routing applications.

Cloud traffic continues to drive data-center growth and the industry requires cost-effective and high-bandwidth interoperable solutions, says Source Photonics. The 100G ZR4 QSFP28 is a cost-optimized and low-power transceiver supporting 100G Ethernet for extended reach up to 80km transmission that provides point-to-point network connectivity solutions between data centers or central offices without the need to deploy either complicated, power-hungry and expensive coherent solution or legacy CFP/CFP2 interfaces. The 100G ZR4 QSFP28 alleviates the fiber shortage bottlenecks and enables hyperscale cloud operators to scale their network.

The transceiver is in QSFP28 form factor (the smallest for the 100G 80km solution). It is fully compliant with the industry standard QSFP28 and related MSA described in the latest SFF-8665/8636, and digital diagnostic functions are available through an I2C interface. It also complies with IEEE 802.3 100GBASE-ZR4-related specifications. In addition, the module supports standard KR4 FEC (forward error correction) baud rates, which will help receive-side detect and correct bit errors and improve the overall quality of the link. The 100G ZR4 QSFP28 transceiver is capable of operating over up to 80km point-to-point links without the need for optical amplification and dispersion compensation.

Source Photonics is showcasing a product demonstration of the 100G ZR4 QSFP28 transceiver for 80km optical transmission in its virtual booth, in addition to live booth activities, and video content during the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2020) Virtual Exhibition (7–9 December).

Source Photonics is currently sampling its 100G ZR4 QSFP28 product, in addition to its latest 100G ER4 and 400G ER8 transceivers. The firm is in full production of its other products for data-center and routing applications such as 100G LR4/ER4 Lite, 100G DR1/FR1/LR1, and 400G DR4/FR4/LR4/LR8 transceivers.

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