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27 February 2020

Fairview unveils Class AB high-power amplifiers with optional heatsinks

Fairview Microwave Inc of Lewisville, TX, USA (an Infinite Electronics brand that provides on-demand RF, microwave and millimeter-wave components) has released a new series of Class AB broadband high-power amplifier modules that incorporate gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon LDMOS or VDMOS semiconductor technology.

The new line consists of 18 models spanning frequency bands from 20MHz to 18GHz. Unconditionally stable and operating in a 50Ω environment, they offer power gain up to 53dB and saturated output power levels from 10W to 200W. The line includes two new heatsink modules with DC-controlled cooling fans specifically designed for the 18 new models to ensure optimum baseplate temperature for highly reliable performance.

“This new series provides our customers with more options for applications that need a high-power, small-form-factor RF amplifier that uses cutting-edge semiconductor technology with wide dynamic range over a broad array of frequencies, high linearity and exceptional efficiency,” says Tim Galla, product line manager at Infinite Electronics brand Pasternack.

The compact coaxial packages utilize N-Type or SMA connectors and have integrated D-Sub control connectors for DC bias, enabled with TTL logic control and temperature and current sense functions. The rugged assemblies can withstand relative humidity exposure up to 95% maximum and operate over a wide temperature range from -20°C to +60°C.

Fairview’s new class AB, high-power amplifiers and heatsinks are in-stock and available for immediate shipping with no minimum order quantity required.

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