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2 January 2020

Navitas wins Innovation Star award from Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, as well as investment-intent agreement

Navitas Semiconductor Inc of El Segundo, CA, USA has been presented with the Shanghai Zhangjiang 895 and Zhangjiang Science City • ICV Pioneer Alliance ‘Innovation Star’ Award on 19 December.

Founded in 2014, Navitas introduced what it claimed to be the first commercial gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs. The firm says that its proprietary ‘AllGaN’ process design kit (PDK) monolithically integrates GaN power field-effect transistors (FETs) with GaN power, analog and logic circuits, enabling faster charging, higher power density and greater energy savings for mobile, consumer, enterprise, eMobility and new energy markets. Specifically, Navitas adds that its highly integrated, speed-optimized, next-generation GaNFast power IC technology can replace slow silicon switches to enable a new generation of fast-charging mobile adapters for smartphones, tablets and laptops from 27W to 300W+.

As a key element of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co Ltd takes technology investment banking as its strategic development direction, and aims to create new industrial real-estate operators, future-oriented high-tech industry integrators and technology and financial integration service providers.

Hosted by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, the roadshow in December focuses on the development of the IC industry. In the 8th season of the competition, Navitas was selected from more than 100 projects to be one of 25 approved entrants. After three months of professional selection, the firm qualified for the final eight ‘Starting from the Core Demo Day’. Over 80 technical and investment experts then reviewed and critiqued Navitas’ GaNFast power IC approach.

“Navitas Semiconductor has demonstrated its core strength with its innovative GaNFast power IC technology, advanced company organization and deep market understanding, and has won recognition from us and from large professional investment institutions, earning the ‘Innovation Star’ award by outstanding performance and strength,” commented Zhangjiang Hi-Tech’s general manager Dajun He.

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech signed an investment-intent agreement with Navitas Semiconductor at the event, committing to free office space and free talent housing, and the group targets additional cooperation with Navitas in the future.

“Thanks to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech for organizing this 895 IC special session for industry investment and financial matchmaking, resource provision, and IC enterprise special courses after the start of business,” says Navitas Semiconductor China’s general manager Yingjie Zha. “As a third-generation semiconductor material, GaN has graduated from the laboratory to industry adoption and commercial acceptance, and Navitas Semiconductor is honored to receive the Demo Day Innovation Star.”

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