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15 January 2020

Osram’s new Oslon Boost HM LED enables ultra-slim designs for headlights

In recent years, technological progress in car lighting has led to light becoming an essential design element in modern cars. Smaller and brighter light sources are leading to more compact and versatile headlamps. Germany’s Osram says that its powerful new Oslon Boost HM LED furthers this trend by enabling ultra-slim headlamp designs in vehicles.

In addition to numerous features such as adaptive front lighting (often called bend lighting or matrix lighting), the miniaturization of this component plays a particularly important role. With the Oslon Boost HM, Osram developers have achieved brightness of 415lm at a drive current of 1.5A with a very small chip area of just 0.5mm2.

The LED’s package is also particularly compact at 1.9mm x 1.5mm x 0.73mm, providing a finger-width front headlamp solution, without compromising light output. The luminance of 255cd/mm2 at 1.5A is reckoned to be a best-in-class performance value for this type of LED.

In addition to headlamps, the Oslon Boost HM can also be used in combination with other LEDs to provide an additional high beam. Due to its luminance, the LED is also suitable for use in MEMS-based adaptive front lighting systems.

Osram Opto Semiconductors says that it was able to draw on its expertise in package design to create the new product. The robust ceramic package of the Oslon Boost HM allows for easy thermal management within the component due to an electrically insulated pad. The special internal design structures mean that heat can be easily dissipated from the LED. Furthermore, the LED has a particularly low thermal resistance of only 4.62K/W.

“With the Oslon Boost HM, we are not only expanding our Oslon Boost product family to include particularly high luminance levels but are also helping our customers create ultra-slim headlamp designs,” notes Florian Fink, marketing manager for Automotive Exterior at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

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