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27 July 2020

Eulitha launches PhableX lithography systems for volume production of photonic products

Eulitha AG of Kirchdorf, Switzerland (a spin-off of the Paul Scherrer Institute that offers nano-lithographic equipment and services for the nanotechnology, photonics and optoelectronic markets) has launched the new PhableX line of photolithography systems to address the growing needs of customers for volume production of photonic devices. The systems operate on the same proprietary Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL) principle/technology as Eulitha’s existing PhableR line, but they are based on a completely newly developed platform that enables high-throughput, automatic operation.

Many new photonic devices such as waveguides in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) glasses, distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, telecom gratings or optical biosensors require the production of periodic features with dimensions in the sub-micron range. Eulitha addresses this growing need with its proprietary DTL technology that enables low-cost lithographic printing of the required patterns. DTL is particularly suited to tackling the needs of the photonics industry thanks to its ability to print stitching-free patterns over large-areas. The patented focus-free imaging of the technology enables uniform printing on non-flat substrates. Unlike the competing nanoimprint lithography technology, DTL is a non-contact method that greatly reduces process complexity, device defectivity and yield loss.

The new PhableX platform is offered with industry-standard light sources, including i-line, KrF (248nm) and ArF (193nm) sources, depending on resolution requirements of the application. Feature sizes between 60nm to several microns can be printed using the same state-of-the-art photoresist products developed for manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The platform is currently available for wafer sizes between 100mm to 200mm. Photomasks developed for the specific needs of the DTL technology are available from major mask manufacturers. The platform features automatic front-side and back-side overlay alignment and cassette-to-cassette fully automatic operation.

“This represent a big step in industry-wide acceptance of our revolutionary nanolithography technology,” says sales director Rene Wilde (tel: +41 56 281 2152, e-mail: “Much feedback from our customer base who have been using our PhableR lithography systems for a number of years as well as the results of our own R&D efforts have been instrumental in the development of the new platform,” he adds. “We expect both our industrial customers and major R&D institutions to benefit from the availability of these unique tools. First examples of the PhableX model have been delivered to selected customers and orders received for more installations.”

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