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31 July 2020

Ushio begins mass production of new single-mode 670nm red lasers

Ushio Inc of Tokyo, Japan has begun mass production of the HL67191MG and HL67192MG 670nm-wavelength red laser diodes (LDs). Providing optical output power of 15mW (continuous-wave operation) and 30mW (pulsed operation), the single-mode lasers deliver high-temperature performance (up to 70°C) within Ushio standard MG (TO-56) compact 5.6mm-diameter can package. Both lasers achieve a low operating current of 30mA at 25°C (15mW in CW operation) and feature built-in monitoring photodiodes.

Ushio says that, despite maintaining high quality, the new red laser diodes offer a number of improvements over some existing models. In keeping with Ushio’s habit of providing customization options, engineers gain more freedom to fit the lasers into their preferred electrical circuit structure, with the added possibility of featuring an extra pin-out for the new models.

Ushio’s previous 670nm laser diodes (HL6714G; HL6748MG; HL6756MG) are able to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 60°C. Now, with the release of the two new models, an additional 10°C margin brings a new level of durability to Ushio’s laser line-up. Not only does this allow the lasers to remain fully operational in hotter environments, but they remain unaffected in situations that would previously contribute to the premature failure of the lasers. This feature increases their suitability to be implemented into devices that do not feature an active cooling element.

These qualities combine to result in a pair of high-reliability, cost-efficient emitters that are suitable for applications include barcode reading, measurement and sensing (specifically battery-powered sensing and precise measurement equipment), says the firm.

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