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18 June 2020

BluGlass commissions US laser diode test facility

BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia (which was spun off from the III-nitride department of Macquarie University in 2005) has given an update on its direct-to-market laser diode business unit, laser diode product development, and the retrofit of its Aixtron 2800G4 metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system.

Laser diode test facility

BluGlass has commissioned its laser diode test facility in New Hampshire, USA on time. As a key component of its product quality assurance activities, it will assess the quality, performance and characteristics of the firm’s laser diode products. The installed reliability ovens, burn-in rack and electro-optical, spectral and spatial characterization capabilities will enable the accurate measurement of laser diode output power and lifetime performance.

The new facility is already being used for R&D testing during product development and will ultimately enable fully automated testing of commercial volumes of laser diode products.

BluGlass has hired an experienced laser diode characterization and testing expert, based at the new facility, as it continues to enhance its people capabilities.

Product development

BluGlass says that it continues to develop and strengthen its global supply chain by working with and qualifying multiple partners on the fabrication of laser diode devices. Its laser diode product development remains on track to deliver test products by the end of 2020, with customer revenues anticipated to commence in early 2021 (as per the firm’s published roadmap).

Laser diode product suite

BluGlass is developing bespoke laser diodes across multiple market segments, including industrial, display and biotech applications, which is being driven by specific customer needs within these industries.

The firm says that the advantages of its unique technology have the potential to offer high-power, differentiated laser diode products by using novel designs that leverage low-temperature remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) and active as-grown (AAG) p-GaN technologies. Existing product development spans a range of wavelengths from violet (395nm) through blue to green (525nm) wavelengths for various customer applications.

Aixtron 2800 G4 retrofit

The Aixtron 2800 G4 MOCVD system retrofit has now completed hardware assembly and is undergoing final commissioning, testing and software optimization for RPCVD mode in collaboration with equipment partner Aixtron SE.

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