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17 June 2020

Mitsubishi Electric launching 1200V SiC MOSFET

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp is launching its N-series 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), featuring low power loss and high tolerance (input capacitance/mirror capacitance, or Ciss/Crss) to self-turn-on.

Specifically, junction field-effect transistor (JFET) doping technology reduces both switching loss and on-resistance, achieving what is claimed to be an industry-leading figure of merit (FOM) for a power MOSFET of 1450mΩ.nC (on-resistance multiplied by the gate-drain charge, at 100°C junction temperature). Power consumption in power-supply systems is reduced by about 85% compared with using conventional silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).

By reducing the mirror capacitance (the stray capacitance Crss between the gate and drain in a MOSFET structure), the self-turn-on tolerance improves 14-fold compared with competitor’s products, it is claimed. Fast switching operation can thus be realized, helping to reduce switching loss.

Reduced switching-power loss enables the downsizing and simplification of cooling systems as well as the downsizing of peripheral components, such as reactor by driving power semiconductors with a higher carrier frequency, helping to reduce the cost and size of overall power supply systems.

The new series can therefore help to reduce the power consumption in miniaturize power supply systems requiring high-voltage conversion, such as electric vehicle (EV) on-board chargers, photovoltaic power systems etc, says the firm.

Sample shipments will start in July. Also, Mitsubishi Electric is exhibiting its new N-series 1200V SiC-MOSFET at trade shows including PCIM Asia 2020 in Shanghai, China (16-18 November).

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