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11 March 2020

Osram’s new Synios P2720 Converted Red LED improves visibility in dense fog

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany says that its new Synios P2720 CR (Converted Red) provides many benefits to manufacturers of rear combination lamps for automotive applications, such as enabling compact rear fog lamp designs. Dense fog and poor visibility repeatedly lead to serious rear-end collisions. In poor weather conditions, good visibility through a bright rear fog light is key.

The trend for both headlamps and rear combination lamps is clear: the more compact and efficient the components used, the better. While the installation space required decreases, the design options available to manufacturers greatly increases. The new Synios P2720 CR LED addresses this trend of miniaturization. Despite its small dimensions, it offers what is claimed to be outstanding performance in applications.

One of the main issues with monochromatic LEDs for rear fog applications is the enormous loss of brightness (degradation) of about 50% in operating temperatures of 60-70°C. Until now, rear lamp manufacturers had to compensate for this physically induced gap by increasing the number of LEDs, which also increased the space requirements. Now the new, conversion-based Synios P2720 CR can dramatically reduce this loss of brightness to only around 10%, says Osram. Customers enjoy better performance, while manufacturers benefit because considerably fewer individual LEDs are required.

Osram’s new Synios P2720 CR.

Picture: Osram’s new Synios P2720 CR.

Fewer LEDs means that the required heat sink can be very compact, saving additional space and weight. Rear lamp manufacturers can choose between two different chip sizes (0.5mm2 or 1mm2), with typical lumen output and binning current of 49lm and 350mA and 103lm and 700mA respectively, depending on the design of the application. The space-saving package dimensions of just 2.0mm x 2.7mm x 0.6mm remain the same.

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