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16 November 2020

AquiSense to provide tailored PearlAqua Micro to Mitsubishi Electric

Nikkiso Group company AquiSense Technologies LLC of Erlanger, KY, USA (which designs and manufactures water, air and surface disinfection systems based on UV-C LEDs) has announced a unique version of its PearlAqua Micro product specifically for Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp (MELCO, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp). The partnership provides AquiSense’s patented ultraviolet light-emitting diode water treatment technology for MELCO’s residential Eco Cute hot-water systems.

On the basis of their low energy consumption, long service life and small footprint, MELCO spent over two years evaluating UV-C LED technology solutions from over a dozen suppliers for its CO2 heat-pump hot water supply system. AquiSense was selected as the long-term supplier based on what is said to be leading product performance, high-volume manufacturing capability and competitive pricing. The new product from AquiSense, based on its PearlAqua Micro platform, offers a high-level microbial disinfection barrier in hot water reuse. Unlike competing units, where pathogens remain throughout the water recycling process, the new UV LED disinfection acts as a barrier preventing contamination from future cycles, it is claimed.

AquiSense says the partnership shows that MELCO has committed to deploying mercury-free UV-C LED technology in its products for decades to come, providing AquiSense substantial production growth for an extended period.

“This partnership signifies a huge adaptation of UV-C LED technology in the residential market,” says Jun Miyauchi, AquiSense’s Asian regional sales director. “Not only is this the world’s largest UV-C LED supply contract to date, it is likely larger than all previous contracts combined.”

Production is already underway, notes AquiSense’s CEO Oliver Lawal. “This again reinforces our position that UV-C LED technology offers unique benefits that expand the application use of chemical-free disinfection.”

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