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30 November 2020

IGaN and A-PRO co-developing 650V GaN device on 200mm platform

Singapore-based IGSS GaN Pte Ltd (IGaN) – which develops and commercializes gallium nitride on silicon/silicon carbide (GaN-on-Si/SiC) epitaxial wafers and proprietary 8” (200mm) GaN fabrication technologies for power, RF and sensor applications – and A-PRO Semicon Co Ltd (a subsidiary of South Korea-based A-PRO Co Ltd’s semiconductor business that manufactures GaN devices for power/RF electronics applications) have held their project kick-off meeting for a collaboration focused on producing 650V E-mode GaN power transistors.

This follows IGaN’s US$73m investment in building a GaN Epi Centre in Singapore, bringing to the partnership proven expertise in GaN epi production and the mass production of 8-inch (200mm) GaN fabrication technologies.

“In creating new synergies by combining IGaN’s mass production cost-effectiveness and defect control solutions in GaN production manufacturing with A-PRO Semicon’s existing capabilities in the power conversion and secondary battery market, IGaN aims to drive technology innovation and GaN adoption in power/RF devices and modules/systems across A-PRO Semicon’s ecosystem,” says IGaN’s CEO Raj Kumar.

“This exciting collaboration will see us leveraging IGaN’s know-how to accelerate the production of E-mode GaN devices that have been developed so far, putting us on the path of strengthening our 8-inch commercialization strategy,” says A-PRO Semicon’s technical director Hyundon Song. “In extending our product portfolio, A-PRO Semicon can better serve our existing customer base, which includes many leading technology brands, and enable the sustainable expansion of a global footprint,” he reckons.

The partnership aims to tap into the power GaN market, which is expected to exceed US$700m by 2025. Market research firm Yole Développement’s Compound Semiconductor Quarterly Market Monitor for Q1/2020 termed 2020 as the ‘Year of GaN’, with a particular focus on the high-volume consumer fast charger market.

GaN is gradually being adopted in power and RF markets as a replacement for silicon in power electronics, as its wider-bandgap capabilities enable more efficient power conversion, so it can sustain higher voltages and allows current to run through a device faster. Furthermore, device engineers can use GaN in similar voltage applications while maintaining a significantly smaller footprint, adds IGaN.

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