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2 November 2020

Lumileds boosts flux of key LUXEON C and CZ colors

Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has announced increases in flux from the PC Amber, Lime and Royal Blue emitters in its LUXEON C and CZ Color Lines.

The 17% leap in flux of PC Amber in LUXEON C LEDs supports more efficient, safer and easier-to-design lighting for first-responder vehicles, tow trucks and construction vehicles, says the firm. Lumileds claims that its unique Lime LEDs deliver the highest efficacy of any LED – 149lm/W – and are a critical element for the best tunable white and color mixing solutions. Royal Blue flux has been increased by 4%, supporting broader use in entertainment and architectural applications.

“The LUXEON Color lines are known for having the greatest color selection and now they provide even higher luminous output, so fixtures will require fewer LEDs to achieve their target brightness in a smaller overall footprint,” says product marketing manager LP Liew.

The LUXEON C and CZ Color lines facilitate color mixing by having the same focal length on every color to prevent halos and to ensure uniform output levels across light beams.

The LUXEON CZ Color LEDs feature a dome-less design to deliver narrow beam angles and what is claimed to be 50% higher punch than competing LEDs. The low dome on LUXEON C provides the highest light extraction from a very small source, resulting in more compact fixture designs, the firm adds.

Driven at a current of 350mA, the LUXEON C achieves luminous output of 110lm in PC Amber, 149lm in Lime and 552mW in Royal Blue; the LUXEON CZ delivers 88lm in PC Amber, 138lm in Lime and 432mW in Royal Blue.

Both Color lines feature small overall footprint of 2.0mm x 2.0mm for dense packing, low thermal resistance that reduce heat-sink requirements, and hot testing to ensure color consistency in real-world operating conditions. Colors of the LUXEON C and CZ lines include Violet, Royal Blue, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Mint, PC Amber, Amber, Red-Orange, Red, Deep Red and Far Red.

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