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27 November 2020

SemiLEDs’ quarterly revenue falls 12%

For its fiscal full-year 2020 (to end-August), LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has reported revenue of $6.07m, up 3% on fiscal 2019’s $5.9m. However, fiscal fourth-quarter 2020 revenue was $1.4m, down 12% on $1.57m last quarter.

Full-year gross margin has recovered further, from just 8% in fiscal 2019 to 26% for fiscal 2020. However, quarterly gross margin fell back from 27% last quarter to 8% in fiscal Q4/2020.

Despite that, operating margin has improved further, from -66% a year ago and -47% last quarter to -28% for fiscal Q4/2020. This helped full-year operating margin to recover from -62% in fiscal 2019 to -34% for fiscal 2020.

Net loss for fiscal Q4/2020 was $62,000 ($0.02 per diluted share), cut from $513,000 ($0.14 per diluted share) last quarter and $881,000 a year ago ($0.25 per diluted share). Full-year net loss has been reduced from $3.57m ($1.00 per diluted share) in fiscal 2019 to $544,000 ($0.15 per diluted share) for fiscal 2020.

Cash and cash equivalents (excluding restricted cash) have risen further from $1.4m at the end of fiscal 2019 and $2.5m at the end of last quarter to $2.8m at the end of fiscal 2020.

The firm cautions that, given the uncertain impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy and the company, it is unable to forecast revenue for fiscal first-quarter 2021 (ending 30 November 2020).

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