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13 October 2020

EPC releases demo boards for 250W, 48V DC–DC conversion

Efficient Power Conversion Corp (EPC) of El Segundo, CA, USA – which makes enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power field-effect transistors (FETs) for power management applications – has announced the availability of the EPC9148 and EPC9153 demonstration boards for 48V DC–DC conversion.

The EPC9153 is an extremely thin 250W power module using a simple, low-cost synchronous buck configuration delivering 98.2% peak efficiency with a maximum component height of 6.5mm. The EPC9148 utilizes a multi-level topology enabling a maximum component height of less than 4mm, while maintaining a 98% peak efficiency.

Both solutions integrate Microchip Technology’s dsPIC33CK digital signal controller (DSC) with EPC’s latest-generation 100V eGaN FETs to achieve greater than 98% efficiency at 12.5A in an ultra-thin footprint. The flexibility of the Microchip digital controller allows the input voltage to be adjusted from 44V–60V and the output voltage from 5V–20V.

The EPC9148 multi-level converter reduces the size of modules supporting magnetic components, while achieving high efficiency in a compact solution. Also, an extremely thin custom power inductor from Würth Elektronik helps to enable the ultra-high power density of the design.

The EPC9153 offers a simple, low-cost synchronous buck configuration that keeps the maximum component height low, and achieves 98.2% peak efficiency, with less than 40°C temperature rise at 20V output. EPC says that their eGaN FETs improve the overall efficiency due to their fast switching capability, and their chip-scale footprint makes it easy to cool in an effort to achieve the low temperature rise required for these compact designs.

“Computers, displays, smartphones and other consumer electronics systems continue to become thinner and more powerful,” says EPC’s VP of applications engineering Michael de Rooij. “We are thrilled to work with partners such as Microchip Technology and Würth Elektronik to develop ultra-thin and highly efficient solutions to address the challenge of getting more power out of limited space and volume.”

The EPC9148 is priced at $281.25 and the EPC9153 at $309.96. Both demonstration boards are available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key Corp.

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