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22 October 2020

GeneSiC releases 6.5kV SiC MOSFET bare chips

Silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor supplier GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc of Dulles, VA, USA has announced the immediate availability of 6.5kV SiC MOSFET bare chips, namely the 300mΩ G2R300MT65-CAL and the 325mΩ G2R325MS65-CAL (with an integrated Schottky diode), joining the 100mΩ G2R100MT65-CAL. Full-SiC modules utilizing the technology will soon be released. Applications are expected to include traction, pulsed power, smart grid infrastructure and other medium-voltage power converters.

The chips features a SiC double-implanted metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (DMOSFET) device structure with a junction barrier Schottky (JBS) rectifier integrated into the SiC DMOSFET unit cell.

The power device can be used in a variety of power conversion circuits in the next generation of power conversion systems. Other advantages are said to include more efficient bi-directional performance, temperature-independent switching, low switching and conduction losses, reduced cooling requirements, superior long-term reliability, ease of paralleling devices, and cost benefits. Other features are listed as: high avalanche (UIS) and short-circuit ruggedness; superior QG x RDS(ON) figure of merit; low capacitances and low gate charge; normally-off stable operation up to 175°C; and +20V/-5V gate drive.

GeneSiC says that its technology also has the potential to reduce the net SiC material footprint in power converters.

“GeneSiC’s 6.5kV SiC MOSFETs are designed and fabricated on 6-inch wafers to realize low on-state resistance, highest quality, and superior price-performance index,” says VP of technology Dr Siddarth Sundaresan. “This next-generation MOSFET technology promises exemplar performance, superior ruggedness and long-term reliability in medium-voltage power conversion applications,” he adds.

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