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28 October 2020

SDK splitting off optical semiconductor business

Tokyo-based Showa Denko K.K. (SDK, which produces petrochemicals, gas products, specialty chemicals, electronics, inorganics, aluminum, etc) has decided at its board of directors’ meeting to split off its business in optical semiconductors (visible-light & infrared LEDs and light-receiving epitaxial wafers) and rare-earth alloys – currently part of the firm’s Electronics Sector – through an ‘absorption-type company split’, effective 1 January 2021, forming the subsidiary Showa Denko Photonics Co Ltd of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture (with Masahiko Usuda as president).

In its medium-term business plan ‘The TOP 2021’, SDK classifies its optical semiconductor business as a growth business, aiming to expand it by providing products and technologies that meet customer needs.

To achieve this, SDK will make the business an operating company, increasing the speed of decision-making and sharing of the latest market information. By focusing on the growing business in infrared light-receiving/emitting devices, the firm aims to meet customer requirements by taking advantage of its customizing capabilities.

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