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20 October 2020

Seoul Semi’s SunLike Series LEDs chosen for kindergarten lighting

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd says that Europe-based LED luminaire maker LED Luks has adopted its SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs for private kindergarten facilities’ lighting in Slovenia to support children’s learning and eye health.

In cooperation with LED Luks, Seoul Semiconductor has developed the optimal SunLike Series LED designs based on the natura-spectrum light source for the lighting. With SunLike Series natural-spectrum LED technology, LED Luks has used lighting brand ARUN to support children’s concentration and relaxation with an optimal smart solution for remotely and automatically adjusting the color temperature and dimming representing the light from noon to evening.

The light in noon color mode helps children’s brains to be more alert and also improves academic performance, it is reckoned. The light in the evening color mode makes them more creative and feel relaxed. It also provides high sleep quality by promoting melatonin, encouraging the production of growth hormone and boosting memory and immunity. The human body produces growth hormone up to 80% of the daily growth hormone production during sleep. Deep, non-REM sleep helps the human brain to wash away waste and to regenerate cells, supporting immunity.

Based on the results of a sleep study conducted by professor Christian Cajochen and his colleagues at the University of Basel in Switzerland, LED light sources with the same measured intensity and correlated color temperature (CCT) but different spectral output can have different effects on human behavior and physiology. Published in the Journal of Lighting & Research Technology on 24 March 2019, the study found “evidence that daylight [natural spectrum] LED solution has beneficial effects on visual comfort, daytime alertness, mood and sleep intensity in healthy volunteers.”

According to the results of a study by the Bio-Information Laboratory of Seoul National University Hospital in July 2018, SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs have been shown to reduce eye discomfort and improve sleep patterns.

In addition, Seoul Semiconductor has been conducting experiments on protection from myopia and students’ learning and concentration with influential university research teams in Europe and the USA for three years, and is expected to announce the study results in second-half 2020.

“Young people who spend long hours of indoor study and the lack of exposure to daylight particularly need to use a better quality of LED lighting which closely matches natural spectrum of sunlight,” says Europe sales VP Carlo Romiti. “Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs will be necessary technology for human-centric lighting to support human health, well-being and better performance of daily life, children’s healthy growth as well with three beneficial effects in contrast to conventional LEDs: Better Study, Better Eye Health and Better Immunity,” he believes.

Introduced in June 2017, SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs combine Seoul Semiconductor’s latest optical and compound semiconductor technology with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R technology.

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