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23 September 2020

Verizon completes 400ZR trial using Inphi COLORZ II DWDM QSFP-DD optics

Inphi Corp of Santa Clara, CA, USA (a provider of high-speed mixed-signal ICs for communications, computing and data-center markets) and Verizon Media have validated a seamless upgrade from 100GbE QSFP28 optics, using Inphi’s COLORZ, to 400GbE QSFD-DD over the same production open line system (OLS), using Inphi’s COLORZ II. The demonstration consisted of adding a 400ZR from an Arista 400G switch into a 100GHz DWDM channel without affecting any of the existing 100GbE waves.

To build a better content delivery network, which brings rich high-quality media to millions of users, Verizon Media needs to connect super PoPs with low-latency and high-capacity DWDM interconnects. Verizon Media is advancing the disaggregation of optics, switching and optical line systems in preparation for a surge in data, driven by cloud, HD video and 5G applications.

COLORZ is said to be the first silicon photonics 100G PAM4 platform solution for 80km DWDM data-center interconnects (DCIs) in QSFP28 form factor. Utilizing pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) signaling, COLORZ delivers up to 4Tb/s of bandwidth over a single fiber and allows multiple data centers located up to 80km from each other to be connected and act like a single data center.

COLORZ II is claimed to be the first 400ZR QSFP-DD pluggable coherent transceiver for cloud DCIs to major cloud operators and OEMs. It enables large cloud operators to connect metro data centers at a fraction of the cost of traditional coherent transport systems and allows switch and router companies to offer the same density for both coherent DWDM and client optics in the same chassis. This eliminates a layer of network connectivity that was previously required and supports high-capacity DWDM connectivity directly from data-center switches.

Both generations of Inphi’s COLORZ optics enable data-center connectivity directly from any switch or router port, allowing for the same density as client optics, while accelerating the paradigm shift to IPoDWDM. Leveraging existing 100GHz optical line systems, COLORZ II increases fiber capacity from 4Tb/s to 16Tb/s while further lowering power and cost per bit.

“To ensure our CDN [content delivery network] remains ready for the web of tomorrow, we must constantly stay at the leading edge of technology to ensure efficiency and scalability of our network while remaining price competitive,” says Verizon Media’s principal infrastructure architect Nitin Batta. “For this reason, the scalability and roadmap offered by COLORZ products will allow us to add terabytes of capacity in response to customer demands.”

Both Inphi’s COLORZ optical platforms use a single silicon photonics integrated circuit technology for all transmit and received functions. With strong market adoption of over 100,000 units COLORZ deployed, COLORZ II will further benefit from strong industry support with a multi-vendor ecosystem and a well-accepted interoperable 400ZR standard, reckons Inphi.

“As data-center network traffic continues to grow exponentially, it is critical for infrastructure suppliers to continue providing innovative scalable solutions,” says Tomas Maj, senior director, marketing, Optical Interconnect at Inphi. “COLORZ products continue to open new possibilities for DCI total cost of ownership reductions, while providing a seamless upgrade path to 400G.”

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